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Ipu Waiwai Kula – ‘AE: Wai‘anae

12KULA_NOV17_Prep 12KULA_NOV17_KahuBruce

Our first outdoor science lab at Wai‘anae Intermediate School is finished! On Saturday, Nov 17, 2012,  Hapa Farms facilitated an installation and maintenance workshop for teachers from Wai‘anae and Nanakuli Intermediate Schools to prepare for the launch of their “Aquaponics in Education” projects next semester.

The workshop began with a solemn ceremony by Kahu “Uncle” Bruce Keaulani to ask permission of the elements and spirits to be there and to thank them for their protection and blessing. After that, it was a full day of hard work for the teachers and helpers as they learned about how aquaponics systems work by building it themselves. They were also introduced to the importance of food safety and pest management which will be reinforced once the system is ready for farming.

Special thanks to facilitators, Reyn Horner and Sean Moura of Hapa Farms, for their expertise and patience. Additional thanks and extreme gratitude to Debra Yamakawa, isisHawaii’s Hawai‘i State Department of Education Leeward District liaison. Without Deb’s oversight of the construction process and coordination with both schools during the build, none of this would have been possible. Mahalo to all! Onward to aquaponics!


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